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Monetize your vacant units and increase NOI

Typically building lease-up can take 12-24 months, resulting in unmonetized units. Partnering with Barsala will provide immediate income on units that would normally be vacant, without the commitment of a master lease.


Monetize your vacant units

Barsala manages your vacant units while you sit back and benefit from your new source of income. We take care of the furnishing, marketing, and the management of the guests that will be staying in the units.

Barsala provides flexibility and control to building owners with our partnerships. We do not require fixed long-term rents or a master lease, and individual units can be released back to the owner in as little as a week.

Flexible leases

Individual lease

Partial building

Full building

National partnership


Guaranteed revenue

Barsala guarantees immediate positive cash flow on vacant units during a building's lease-up period. We let you participate in the upside and seasonal peaks via the revenue sharing structure, with no cap. 


Trusted clientele

70% of our guests are young/mid-age business travelers who stay an average of 4 nights. We also serve family vacation travelers. 

Barsala performs a complete background check on each guest, including criminal records and identity, and landlords will be able to review each screening. Guests do not have tenant rights, so can be removed immediately if need be.

“The positive added income from the revenue share has been a great experience with Barasla. This opportunity is a win/win for everyone who is involved.” 

Holly Johannessen | Senior Property Manager in Portland, OR


Couch 9 - Portland

In 2018, Couch9, a 136 unit building in Portland OR, partnered with Barsala to fill their vacant units. In a year, they saw 26 units filled leading to an annual revenue of $1,350,000 


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